Why Sustainability?

ANSA McAL's 140-year legacy is defined by our rich history which represents many world-renowned brands. The Group's steadfast commitment to the markets we serve has contributed to progressive development and employment that sustains generations.

The Group has reinforced its journey for a Sustainable Future and recognizes that environmental, social, and governance practices are essential components to long-term business success.

Our vision is to create a more sustainable business and shared future for shareholders, business partners, employees, customers, and consumers. It is our responsibility to make decisions that positively impact the environment.

Water Preservation

To preserve our way of life, our consumer habits and production systems, it is imperative to preserve our water resources. Water is finite and an irreplaceable resource that is fundamental to life. ANSA McAL Chemicals Limited has supported industrial and domestic water management processes for purification, conservation and reuse throughout the region and has grown its on-the-ground Water Treatment services in Trinidad, Jamaica, Guyana, Grenada, St. Lucia and Barbados.

2021 marked the first full year our chlorine tranfill hub was fully operational in Jamaica. The chemical water treatment business in Jamaica will focus on offering superior service and cost effective sustainable solutions to the industrial/ commercial sectors.

Waste Reduction

Carib Glassworks Limited (CGL), a subsidiary of the ANSA McAL Group, is one of the Caribbean's largest glass and plastic recyclers. CGL continues to support recyclers across the region by encouraging consumers to return their used glass. This process has contributed over 40% of recycled and used food-safe glass bottles for use in the manufacturing of new glass containers.

The Beverage Sector (Trinidad & Tobago, Grenada  and  St.  Kitts & Nevis)  also  reuses and recycles glass bottles and crates, representing one of the region’s largest Brewery recycling footprints. Another subsidiary, ANSA Polymer manufactures plastic crates, film and other plastic products which are an integral part of this recycling model that has a positive impact on the environment. In this process, rejected film, High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) bottles and crates are regrind and reused in the manufacturing of new film, HDPE bottles & crates. 30% of raw material inputs are from recycled material. The ultimate objective is to have a fleet of crates in circulation made from 100% recycled materials.

Climate Impact

ANSA McAL's strategy to reduce its carbon footprint will mitigate the effects of climate change. Carbon Dioxide (CO2) recovery processes have been implemented at the breweries in Trinidad and St. Kitts. The recovery plant is capable of preventing 100,000kg of CO2 being emitted into the atmosphere per month.

ANSA Merchant Bank (Barbados) is proud to be the leader in Green Financing in Barbados. This Bank focuses on its responsibility to climate change and intends to do its part in facilitating the move from petrol and diesel vehicles to electric vehicles (EVs) by offering financing on both new and nearly new Hybrids and EVs. Carib Brewery has transitioned over 25% of its distribution fleet to compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles which has further reduced carbon emissions.

ANSA McAL remains committed to doing its part to ensure cleaner air for future generations.

Modern Energy

ANSA McAL’s way of business for sustainability includes renewable energy. In 2018 we invested in an operational wind farm in Tilawind, located in Tilarán in the Guanacaste Province, Angeles, Costa Rica. Our commitment to Modern Energy continued in June 2021. ANSA McAL and co-investor MPC Caribbean Clean Energy Fund LLC, Grupo Pais Solar S.A. (GPS) along with two additional minority investors from Canada, indirectly acquired full ownership of the Monte Plata Solar Park in the Dominican Republic. The plan is to expand the plant’s 33.4 MWp capacity to 74 MWp in 2022.

People & Communities

ANSA McAL continuously invests in its employees, customers, stakeholders, and the communities we serve. We are committed to investing in human capital, implementing sustainable practices, and supporting communities through philanthropic initiatives in the markets in which we operate. The Group’s mantra ‘Together We Are Family’ guides our practices on how we invest and look after people.

Corporate Governance

ANSA McAL has reinforced and reaffirmed its commitment to good Corporate Governance through strategy formulation and policy making. The Board has established a sound system of risk oversight and management governed by specific policies  to  guide  organisational  behaviour.

In 2021, the ANSA McAL Group proudly received the award for 'Best Corporate Governance Conglomerate in the Caribbean' from Ethical Boardroom based in the UK. To support continued advancement, there is a Board of Directors evaluation exercise on an annual basis,  and  also continued  education  through robust internationally recognized development programs to build a cohesive high-performance leadership team. In 2021, three new esteemed independent directors joined our Board, two of whom are women, as such increasing gender diversity to
the Board.


Carib Glassworks Limited (CGL), a subsidiary of the ANSA McAL Group, is one of the Caribbean's largest glass and plastic recyclers.

Carib Glassworks Limited (CGL) annually rehabilitates the Matura Sand Plant with trees which are indigenous to the area. CGL intends to restore what is removed from the environment.

ANSA Merchant Bank (Barbados) offers ‘Green Financing’ on both new and nearly- new Hybrids and Electric Vehicles (EVs).

The Group has invested in renewable energy in Tilawind Windfarm in Costa Rica and the Monte Plata Solar Park in the Dominican Republic



ANSA McAL through its C-19 Safe School Pilot Project facilitated several health & safety training sessions with teachers of Nelson Street Boys’ R.C. Primary School

The ANSA McAL Foundation donated MiFi devices to the top SEA students Aleem Truman and his elder brother Akiel Truman, who both attended Nelson Street Boys’ R.C. Primary School.

Employee Wellbeing - Safe Workplace, Safe Future

ANSA McAL collaborated with Ministries of Health in rolling out critical vaccine drives for employees in many of the markets in which we operate

A Small Dose of Hope Can Bring Us Together
ANSA McAL embarked on a regional public awareness campaign aimed at promoting the benefits of immunization.  The campaign featured interviews with medical professionals, scientists and regional and international influencers.

Pandemic Portraits
Pandemic Portraits 10-part series featured citizens from the Caribbean who courageously shared their personal experiences of contracting and surviving the virus

Let’s Give Ourselves a Fighting Chance
This educational program was part of the Group's communication towards the benefits of vaccines and featured testimonials from employees, JTUM, NUGFW, NATUC and ANSA McAL Group CEO, Mr. Anthony N. Sabga III

Consumer Health and Safety

TATIL and TATIL Life continued to raise awareness of the impact of Diabetes with its major corporate social initiative ‘Diabetes – a Family Concern’.  The campaign promoted the role of the family in controlling the condition.  This initiative supported the strategies outlined by the Ministry of Health and entailed key partnerships with NGOs involved in Diabetes education.

Standard Distributors, Trinidad & Tobago collaborated with the Ministry of Health in a national COVID-19 vaccination initiative.

Take Your Life Back – It’s Our Best Shot
The Group embarked on a nationwide vaccine incentive promotion with Standard Distributors Limited where the public of Trinidad & Tobago submitted pictures of themselves with their vaccination cards for a chance to win a kitchen makeover valued at TT$60K.

Responsible Marketing and Innovation

STAG took a stance against gender- based violence with the launch of its “Move Men to Respect” campaign. The campaign received the Angel Award for Excellence in Public Service Advertising in 2021.

Women's Empowerment

Women of ANSA McAL joined millions of people around the world in participating in the International Women’s Day 2021 campaign theme #ChoosetoChallenge.

Social Wellbeing

Trident Insurance partnered with The Lions Club of Barbados North to sponsor a bus shelter located in Holetown, St James which was constructed in 1976 for use by the public

ANSA McAL Trading (Guyana) Limited donated food items, personal care products, and cleaning supplies to the flood victims in the Hinterland regions in Guyana

Children in Barbados benefited from horse riding lessons from Gaits Equestrian Centre which were sponsored by Trident Insurance

ANSA McAL collaborated with the North West Regional Health Authority in a vaccine rollout to employees and their family members at the Queen’s Park Savannah

Carib Brewery Limited produced a special order of lightly carbonated canned water for the people of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.  A shipment of over 1300 cases was sent to St. Vincent’s National Emergency Management Organisation (NEMO) in support of relief efforts due to eruptions from the La Soufrière volcano.

As part of the Group’s efforts for our St. Vincent & Grenadines family, ANSA McAL Chemicals Limited, ANSA Coatings Limited, ANSA Polymer, ANSA Merchant Bank Limited, Alstons Marketing Company Limited, Carib Brewery Limited and Standard Distributors Limited donated a suite of supplies

ANSA McAL Barbados provided food and essential supplies to ‘Bajans Helping Bajans’, who distributed hampers to vulnerable families in the aftermath of Hurricane Elsa

Trident Insurance launched its Polices Empowering People initiative that provided much needed financial support to four key charities on the island: Verdun House, The Barbados Alliance to End Homelessness, The Variety Club and the RSPCA



Anthony N. Sabga Awards –
Caribbean Excellence

Six laureates across the region were recognized by the Anthony N. Sabga Awards - Caribbean Excellence for their outstanding work in Arts & Letters, Entrepreneurship, Public & Civic Contributions and Science & Technology.


ANSA McAL Limited received the award for ‘Best Corporate Governance Conglomerate in the Caribbean’ from Ethical Boardroom based in the UK.